domovi is designing the next generation of compact, connected appliances for the urban home. We're challenging the "good enough" design model and bringing it into the 21st century.



In a world shifting its attention to climate change and renewable energies, we want to keep the yearly kWh as low as possible while also focusing on reimagining how your stuff is washed and dried. In modern apartments, space is key. We've set our focus on making our appliances as compact as possible while not compromising on aesthetics, convenience and ease-of-use.

Starting Over

We’re in a pivotal timeline where the way we interact with our machines/appliances is changing. Previous generations are limited to switches and knobs. We're bringing machines up to date with an intuitive UI, a timed start, and an interface to make your home assistant actually assist you in your chores. Tell the machine what job it should be doing instead of the one-dial-and-button-fits-all approach.


Environmental Approach

The Energy Star program was developed to try to lessen energy consumption but what about materials and water? We're going to step it up and limit the amount of landfill space used by retired units by parting out the old and conscientiously building the new by utilizing our materials knowledge and our approach to appliance design.