Quiet Beginnings...

Design iterations are always a fun journey to take. It's rare that the cliche napkin doodle will end up the final form factor (or function) for a new design. For example, domovi was a name stumbled upon while trying to name the most recent heavyweight combat robot design on my design team. Once I had the name, I set out a very vague approach to what I wanted to achieve.

(probably a little overambitious but dreaming is cool, right?)

(probably a little overambitious but dreaming is cool, right?)

Within two weeks, this board was erased because the practical engineer in me beat down my ideas with concerns of manufacturing costs, certifications, testing, and market appeal. There's a phrase in engineering space that always resurfaces at any job I've been in:

- Fast
- Cheap
- Good
You pick two.

The happy compromise comes from having enough time to iterate effectively while keeping testing/component concerns in view (and not tunneling into perfectionist land). Pivoting is alright (even expected for the bulk of the projects I've been on in the past) and not being too proud of a design solution when a better comes along is important. I've been lucky to have had a couple months to now revise my design eight times already. Speaking of which, stay tuned. The stubborn prototyping design trials start soon (hopefully I don't flood my workspace in the process).