Founded in 2017, domovi is taking on the home appliance market.


We're building the next generation of smart home appliances for the urban home. We see our value in making them compact, conscientiously built, and connected. In urban apartments, having access to all amenities takes up a substantial amount of space and layout planning. Our goal is to provide a three-in-one solution that is easier to place in prefab/modular homes, as well as update apartments who only previously had a dishwasher. By providing all washing amenities in a home, we can take much of the time out of the chore through a simple IoT interface.



We’re Hands-On Designers and Dreamers

Domovi is still small but looking to grow in 2019. We’re a team with hands-on hobbies, curiosity that drives innovation forward, and passion that takes a strong iterative design approach over a shorter timespan.


LEanne Cushing, Founder

Leanne has over a decade of experience designing robots as well as a variety of vehicle subsystems, consumer products and computer systems. She is the captain of Valkyrie on Discovery and Science Channel’s Battlebots, one of the Top Women in Tech of Rev Boston’s Rev 3, and has previous career experience at Datto, Toyota, Husqvarna, and Vecna. After noticing that common household appliances hadn’t had much design improvements, she decided to set out and create Domovi to help achieve her dream of an efficient and automated chore smart home.


Jonathan Schultz, Hardware Lead

Jonathan Schultz joined mid-2018 to help design efforts after Leanne saw his successful robot design and team leadership on Discovery and Science Channel’s Battlebots where they were both team captains. Jonathan is a hands-on mechanical engineer that has experience with fuel cells, extensive automotive repairs, as well as a handful of years building unique, competitive combat robots (he even won the Battlebots 2018’s Best Design award for his robot, Huge).

Our Office

We’re located at Greentown Labs, a green tech hardware incubator.

444 Somerville Ave
Somerville, MA 02143


Contact Us

We’re always looking to meet smart home enthusiasts, designers, architects and investors. We love talking about what we do and love hearing others’ opinions.

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